About Katie

I am thrilled to be on Solare’s photography team as a lead photographer. I have always loved photography, and I feel so lucky that it’s a bigger part of my life now! Photographing weddings with the Solare team is so much fun. I can’t wait to help you remember your wedding day, and all the laughter, sweetness, and joy that made it amazing!

While not photographing weddings, I work at the Capital Center for the Arts as a Membership Manager. I have two cats, Cadsuane and Geralt, and I spend my free time either snuggling with them on my couch, or working on theatre productions with the Community Players of Concord, NH (where I met Nora!).

10 things I enjoy

(besides photography)

Playing with my cats, Harry Potter, time with friends, singing, theatre, podcasts, Spotify, the beach, Game of Thrones, and chocolate covered pretzels!

  • Love the pictures!! You did such an amazing job! Thank you sooo much!! I am so happy with how they all turned out. <3
    Jamie & Charlie