About Nora

Owner. Principal Photographer. Super Geek!

This is my 10th year photographing weddings full time, and it just gets more fun every year! I love being able to help couples express themselves, whether they are goofy, sweet, geeky, romantic, or a little bit of everything. On your wedding day, I will be there to lend a hand, laugh with you, fix your dress, keep an eye on your timing, and twist-and-shout as I’m snapping through the night.

I studied theatre at Northeastern, and afterwards co-founded the business that ultimately grew to be Solare Wedding Photography. I’ve always loved photography, and I’m so glad I am able to make a living doing something I am so passionate about. Living in Concord NH, I’m lucky enough to be able to pursue theatre for fun in the off season too!!

10 things I enjoy

(besides photography)

Bar Harbor, Navi (my sweet labradoodle), Firefly, Alice in Wonderland, watermelon, mysteries/puzzles, video games, Star Wars, theatre, and time with my Tribe (of awesome, family-like friends).

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